Keeping Up with the Jones'

Feb. 28, 2023 | Written by: Dana D Kisel

"Oh, he's just trying to keep up with Jones'..." I know you have heard similar rumblings as folks watch colleagues, neighbors, friends and family catapult to the next level of baubles and luxury whether buying vehicles, newest performance drivers, brand name handbags, expensive vacations and high end real estate.  Many folks believe their apparently successful counterparts are striving to flaunt their success through acquisition of tangible and intangible products just so they can one up their colleagues, neighbors, friends and family members.  Truth be told, we probably all have experienced these rumor mills and hyperbole chats.  Here's a novel idea - Most of these success driven folks have worked hard, in most cases for many, many years, and invested well earning their status and approach to living in comfort and all that implies: Extravagance, Entertainment, Experience, Enjoyment 

Are you reading this blog?  Chances are you have achieved such success and CONGRATULATIONS...You Deserve it!! 

On your journey, you may be seeking to explore a new destination location, even staying for several days to determine if the landscape is for you and/or your family for return visits which may lead you to opportunities to invest in your new destination as a second home or income producing property.  While visiting your new destination, it is important to identify with a professional who knows the "lay of the land" pointing you to the amenities and lifestyle you desire and deserve - Luxury

Working with a luxury professional assures you will be afforded quality crafted, unique elemental, rich material, exclusive or affluent location and community real estate offerings where leisure is the tone, bliss is the environment and richness and extravagance are the touchstones.  

Here in Rockport, Texas and along the Coastal Bend, luxury awaits you.  From waterfront/beachside prestigious estates to exclusive elegance, I will turn you on to only the finest of opportunities.  My passion is driven by the success of others and will work diligently to produce superior service and focused results.  

#Coastintoluxury with me!